Spartan Generosity

From its founding in 1996, NPA has depended on financial support from its community in order to supplement the limited funding provided the state of Arizona.  This tradition of giving has allowed NPA to provide a higher quality of education to its students, both inside and outside the classroom.

Donations made up the down payment for the gym and fine arts wing addition in 2005.  Donations make much of our extracurricular programming possible.  Donations in support of our recent 20th Anniversary gala allowed us to make modest improvements in our science labs and the technology we have for teachers and students.  Of course, there are always additional needs and areas for improvement, and those often involve costs that go beyond our budgetary capacity.

We are extremely grateful to people like yourself who support NPA and its programs.  Your donations benefit current NPA students, who in turn benefit Flagstaff through their contributions to the community as adults.

There are two main types of donations to NPA: Unrestricted Donations and Arizona Tax Credit Donations.  For either type, you can choose the method of donation that works best for you.

Unrestricted Donations

Unrestricted donations are the most straightforward way to support NPA.

Donations by credit cardYou can make a single-instance donation or set up a recurring donation by clicking on the button below.  Please note “unrestricted donation” in the description field on the second page, and fill in your personal information fully.  The website issues an immediate email receipt that is valid for tax purposes.   NPA will also send you a receipt letter.

Donations by check Please mail to NPA, 3300 E. Sparrow Ave.  Flagstaff, AZ  86004 and note “unrestricted donation” in the memo.  NPA will send you a receipt letter for tax purposes.

Arizona Tax Credit Donations

If you have Arizona income that leaves you with a state income tax liability, you can in effect redirect some of the dollars you owe to Arizona to NPA!

If you are already familiar with this program, the donation options are below.

If you wish to learn more about how the tax credit program works before donating, including information on the contribution limits, please click here or contact Steve Danner, Business Manager, at 214-8776 or

For the paper form which includes a list of all the extracurricular groups at NPA that benefit from the program, click here.

Donations by credit card Click the button below to go to our online payment portal.  On the first screen, you’ll be asked for the amount of your donation.  On the second screen, please specify either “Greatest Need” or the name of a specific extracurricular activity you want your donation to support.  (e.g., “Tax Credit-Greatest Need” or “Tax Credit-HS Girls Soccer.”)

The receipt issued by the payment portal is sufficient for documenting your payment for your tax purposes.  If your payment is a donation rather than a fee payment for your own child’s extracurricular participation fees, you will also receive a thank you letter.

Donations by check:  Please fill out this form and then mail to NPA, 3300 E. Sparrow Ave.  Flagstaff, AZ  86004

You will be sent a receipt for your payment.  If your payment is a donation rather than a fee payment for your own child’s extracurricular participation fees, you will also receive a thank you letter.



Special Thanks to Parents of NPA Alumni

NPA has always been grateful for the opportunity to serve the students of Flagstaff, proud to have played a role in their successes, and thankful for the many forms of support received from the parents of our students.

After including the participants who responded to the Tax Credit Tuesday appeal on February 7th with prior donations since 1/1/16, our roster of alumni parents who made 2016 tax credit donations to NPA is as follows:

Michelle & Mickey Abeshaus (Joshua ’08)
Erika Arlington (Samantha ’08 and Shane ’11)
Robert & Lisa Baker (Alexandra ’09)
Kevin Baltzell & Joni Haug (Seva ’13)
Thomas Barnes & Kimberly Williams-Barnes (Keenan ’13 and Kayla ’15)
Sulojana & Terence Blows (Krishen ’10 and Jayshen ’14)
Ted & Dorothy Briggs (Lexie ’03 and Michael ’05)
Brent & Lynn Burch (Kari ’08 and Jordan ’10)
Tom & Mona Chotena (Chelsea ’09 and Bayley ’10)
P.J. and Barb Connolly (Sean ’11 and Megan ’12)
Debra & Steve Dorsett (Andrea ’10)
Julie & Mark Ellsworth (Garrett ’07 and Samantha ’08)
Lisa & Joe Ganey (David ’11 and Nicole ’14)
Leslie & Bruce Griffen (Keven ’13 and Gage ’16)
Angela & Carl Helmer (Kellie ’10)
Carolyn Hughes (Jerad ’06)
Fred Hurst & Marcia Metcalfe (Matt ’05)
Steve & Sheila Jacobs (Andrew ’12)
Christine & John Kalinich (Megan ’12 and Corrin ’15)
Brian Klimowski (Andrea ’10, Brian ’12, and Christopher ’14)
Bryan & Lael Knodel (Elizabeth ’14)
David Kumasaka (Mak ’14 and Tad ’16)
Beth LaCour & Don Carter (Erin ’08 and Will ’13)
Sherri and David Leetham (Rachel Burkey ’12)
Bill & Susan Longfield (Rylie ’11)
Giorgi Mandushev & Tomina Trifonova (Delyan ’06 and Iva ’08)
Ramona & Mike Mellott (Matthew ’10 and Mark ’13)
Carrie Monroy (Miguel ’16)
Kurt Mueller & Sarah Hsia (Jasmine ’14 and Kaylana ’15)
Paula & Kevin Rand (Rebecca ’06, Emily ’07, Matt ’10, and Peter ’12)
Sharon & Joe Reynolds (Jackson ’12 and Joe ’14)
Michele Roberts (Anna ’15)
Elizabeth Harding and Joseph Salay (Jojo ’08, Isaac ’12, and Eli ’15)
Rebecca Scarnati (Elizabeth ’14)
Sonja Daw & Charles Schelz (Skye ’16)
Susan & Francis Smiley (Kieran ’00 and Elizabeth ’10)
Linda Sogge (Chris ’10 and Michelle ’13)
Lora & Angelo Trujillo (Milan ’11 and Mia ’16)
Henry & Holly Van Dyk (Quintin ’14 and Eliza ’16)
Mark & Beverly Wagner (Joe ’06 and Jillian ’15)
Maribeth Watwood & Stefan Sommer (Linden ’13 and Robin ’15)

NOTE: This list consists of families who donated tax credits after their students had departed NPA, and does not include NUMEROUS other alumni families who also supported NPA through tax credit payments supporting the activities of their younger children who are still enrolled at NPA or were still enrolled in early 2016.

We are extremely grateful to these families for showing continued support to NPA. The Spartan family thanks them!! We would love to see an even more extensive list of alumni family supporters for 2017. Please keep NPA in mind when considering your options for giving.

If you have not filed your 2016 AZ tax return, you can still make a donation by April 15th and apply the credit to your 2016 tax liability, either reducing your payment or increasing your refund.

If you have already filed your 2016 AZ tax return, you can make your 2017 tax credit donation any time between today and April 15, 2018.

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