Course Syllabi


Abeshaus: AP Language & Composition
Baron: English 8; Honors English 8; Mock Trial
McKean: Language Arts Writing 6
Heinrich: Language Arts Reading 6
Lancaster: Writing Through The Humanities Honors; Writing Through The Humanities
Pohl:  English 7Creative Writing
Pratt: World Literature Honors; World Literature
Willis: American Literature; AP Literature & Composition
Tucker: English 12

Fine Arts
Bopp: Art 6; Art 1; Art 2; Art 3
Bruner: Chamber Strings; Beginning Strings/6; Concert Strings 1 & 2
Byers: Guitar Program Syllabus and Handbook
LaCour: Digital Photography; AP Portfolio; 3D Art
Lewis: One Syllabus for ALL Classes
London-Hall: Band Handbook – For ALL Classes
Wilkins: Glee 7; Glee 8 MS; Jazz Choir; Beginning Jazz Choir; Music 6; Psychology

Foreign Language
Engelthaler: Spanish 2; Jr Peers
Cowger: Spanish 1; Yoga/Health
Ortiz: Spanish 3; Spanish 4
Rolland-Francis: French 1; French 2; French 3; French 4
Rudebusch: Latin 1; Latin 2

Gallagher: Geometry; Algebra 1
Hartsock:AP Calculus AB; AP Calculus BC
Klinefelter: Algebra 1Algebra 2
Rogers: Algebra 3; Pre-Algebra
Peppers: Math Concepts 6; Advanced Math Concepts;
Reynolds: Pre-Algebra; Algebra 2
Stanoff: Statistics & Applied Mathematics; Pre-Calculus; AP Statistics

Physical Education
Mueller: Sports & PE 10-12; PE & Health MS; PE & Fitness 6
Johnson: PE Syllabus

Brown: General Science 7
Larson: Science 6;
White: Biology, Earth, Space, Environment
Layman: Chemistry; AP Chemistry; Earth, Space Science
Hartig: Physics 9; Accelerated Physics 9, AP Physics
Hines: Physical Science 8
Rooney: AP Biology; AP Environmental Science (APES), Earth, Space, Environment

Special Education
Linck: Transitional Study Skills

Social Studies
Acker: Social Studies 6;
McKean: Humanities 7
Anderssohn: US History 8
MassahlaWorld History 9; AP World History 9
Jameson: World History 10; AP World History 10
Green: US History 11; AP US History 11
Miller: US Government & Economics 12





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