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NPA’s Purpose:

NPA is an educational community where all students are encouraged to do their best academically and personally.  Towards that end all of us need to work together to support one another.  It may sound corny but together we can make a real difference for others as well as ourselves through that support.

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Dress Code  excerpt from handbook re-posted 8-5-16

Parents may pay fees here: http://www.northlandprep.org/parents/fees/

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Pick up and Drop off

*Please be patient in the line.
*Pay extra close attention for students as they cross the lot.
*Please follow the instructions of teachers and staff members as they do their duties in the lot as they are helping students cross the street, helping student drivers park and trying to keep the line moving as efficiently as possible.
*Please do not use cell phones while driving through the parking lot.
*Do not use the FUSD District Office parking lot for pick up or drop off.  Also, please do not use the Summit Park Condominium driveway or parking lot for pick up and drop off as it is private property.
*Never drop off or pick up your child on Sparrow Avenue or Soliere Avenue as they are very busy streets.


There are marked Visitors spots in front of the Main Building and the New building for parents to use as necessary.  They are marked as Visitor.  All other spots are assigned to staff members or 12th grade students.  Please refrain from using those spots.  All students other than 12th graders who have already purchased a parking pass are to park in the Sinagua Middle School back parking lot.  Those spaces are rented from FUSD each year and are to be purchased from Mrs. Boerwinkle, our Registrar.  Please remember a few things about parking at SMS.   First is that it is a privilege to park there and that we must be careful, respectful and responsible when on that campus.  Second is that the crosswalk at the light at 4th Street and Sparrow must be used when crossing.

As always, please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns,

Toni Keberlein


For any parent who would like to volunteer to help make the NPA community better and stronger, please click here: Volunteer Opportunities and return to Mrs. Kazpryzk in the Main Lobby or Vada Visockis in the New Building. Thank you. We look forward to having your help.

Toni Keberlein

Please never hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.